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                               Psychic Readings

Sharon Kay
Psychic Medium

(419) 478-8152

Private Readings
& Home Parties

As we travel through our lives, we all have times when we feel lost, confused or in need of guidance, not knowing where to turn or which path to take. At these times of need or questioning, our personal spirit guides are there to help us, if only we can receive their messages.


Fortunately there are special people placed on earth whose purpose is to act as a communicator between our two worlds. Sharon Kay acts as a channel to the spirit world. Your guides send insight and wisdom to help us along our way.


Sharon also taps into our akashic records to tell us about our past lives, who we were, what we did, where we lived and who we knew in those lives. This information will help you to understand your present day situations, so that we can  more fully understand the reasons and causes behind our relationships and experiences.


Sharon brings your spirit loved ones through so that you know beyond a doubt that they are really here and are happy to communicate with you.


Do something special just for you. Gain a better understanding of your life through the mediumship of Sharon Kay.


Read what some of Sharon’s thankful clients have to say

about their readings:

"I learned more about myself in one session with Sharon Kay than I did in years of going to my shrink."  - Judy



 "If I’m upset about something going into a reading with Sharon Kay, I feel absolutely wonderful when I leave."  - Carol



"Sharon Kay blows me away with her accuracy."  - Susan


People really enjoy their readings
and keep coming back to learn more.