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                          Past Lives - Memories

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Have you ever wondered about your past lives? Many people do. For some this interest is sparked by a vague memory they have that something has happened in the past. For others it is the desire to know more about themselves, where they have been and where they are going. No matter what your reasons may be, you can successfully explore your own past lives through meditation, hypnosis or a psychic medium.


Also dreams and daydreams can be accessed to find your past lives. You can plan your past life dream by preprogramming it. Your subconscious will select a past life that is appropriate for you to know about at this time. Then say an affirmation such as, “As I sleep tonight, I’ll dream of one of my significant past lives. I’ll see the images very clearly and I will remember the details when I wake up. I will understand it and I will use this knowledge to help me in my present life.”


I discovered while studying mediumship many years ago that I have the ability to tap into the past lives of others.  The akashic records record everything that has happened to us since the beginning of our first life. I tell people about their past lives, but only with their permission. Usually their past lives make sense with something occurring in this lifetime.


I don’t ask them what they are interested in and then assume it is a past life connection. I find the connection first. For example, my client asked me, “Was I with my husband in a past life?  Who was he to me?” I responded, “Your husband was a blacksmith. He worked so hard with his hands that they became crippled. He could no longer work and you went to the poor house. That is why in this lifetime he is handicapped in his arms and uses that excuse not to work.” My client said ”That’s right. He has polio and refuses to work.”


A black woman came as a client and asked ”Who was I in a past life?”I replied, “You were a slave. You were a cook on a plantation and you were very large. You use to help children escape to the Underground Railroad by carrying them under your large apron and letting them run to the person waiting for them. Your large body blocked the view from the slave owner.”

My client was astounded as she replied, “That is very interesting because I am an English teacher and I am writing a book about the Underground Railroad. You have just described a scene from my book. She was evidently subconsciously writing about her own past life.


I learned about my own past life in hypnotic past live regressions. I have had about 2 or 3 or more regressions every year. I have found at least 25 past lives. Sometimes I keep going back to the same life because of issues that I still need to work on in this lifetime.


I will share with you a glimpse of some of my past lives. I discovered a life as an Indian. I was the mother of triplets, and was very proud of them. A few years after this regression my best friend from college and my sister-in-law both had triplets.


In another lifetime, I was a caretaker for a wealthy family in Mexico. So, from the age of 20 to 80 I was a gardener. On my deathbed, I said, “I’ll never weed another garden ever again.”  In my present lifetime I hate gardening. When I was a child and my mom insisted that I weed her garden, I got such a terrible case of poison Ivy I was hospitalized. She never asked me to weed a garden ever again.


Some people say, “Why should I know about a past life? I have enough trouble with this one. It can help you in this lifetime. Under hypnosis, in a regression, you can release fears that you may have carried from a past life. For 35 years I had claustrophobia. I would rather walk 25 flights of stairs than to be closed in an elevator. I found out that in a past life in the early 1900s as a child, I was trapped in a meat freezer and died. The hypnotist released those fears, and the next day I rode on an elevator and I was fine.


Knowing about past lives explains a lot about this life’s karmic situations, and what goes around comes around. Birthmarks in this life usually stem from past live wounds. Talents you have in this lifetime are found in past lives. It can also explain déjà vu experiences.


Read “Discovering your Past Lives” by Gloria Chadwick ”Predestined  Love” by Dick Sutphin, and “Across Time and Death” a mother’s search for her past life children by Jenny Cockell.


By discovering who you were before, and how your past experiences relate to who you are now, you gain tremendous benefits in understanding your present life. The value of remembering your past lives is in applying the knowledge and insights from your past lives to the events, situations and relationships in your present life.